Last Minute Amazon Prime Day Deals!

You still have a few hours left to grab the best deals on Amazon Prime Day - here are some of our favorites.

Fire TV Stick

Shop Amazon Devices - Fire TV Stick Prime Day Deal $19.99

I am so tired of how much the cable company is charging me, so I thought I would try this way to be able to watch shows I like on the road and to take advantage of my Prime membership. At $19.95 this is a great deal!

There are other forms of this on sale as well that can hook up with your Alexa and do other magical things. You can learn more about all that these offer here:

Shop Amazon Devices - Fire TV Prime Day deals starting at $19.99

Amazon Fresh

I am fascinated by this service, and can't wait to sign up and try it out. I thought prices would be a lot more than what you pay at the grocery store but they aren't, and this service will make it super easy to make sure that I get everything I need for a recipe I'm trying out. Plus this Prime Deal makes it even more of a great reason to sign up now!