The Lifestylist List for 2015 Shares Top 10 Products

2015 was a very good year for home design, and there were a lot of exciting, innovative products that were introduced.

When Candy'sDirt asked us to come up with a Lifestylist List of our Top 10 products for 2015 it wasn't easy but we did it.

We are less than a week away from heading to Las Vegas again for the International Builders Show, Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, Surfaces and the Window Coverings Show and we can't wait to share what we find there!

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The Good Life - Pet Palaces

We've been spending a lot of time at NorthPark Center - they have so many great events going on during the holidays we didn't want to miss anything!

One of the annual events that they host is Home for The Holidays when the American Institute of Architects and TEXO, The Construction Organization team together to design and build pet houses that will benefit the SPCA of Texas.

Would it be possible to get some of these super-sized? We would love to live in them!


Decorating For The Holidays

How can this be? It's still 70 degrees out but the holidays are just around the corner. It seems like every year time goes by so much faster, so we have decided to get a jump on our holiday planning before Thanksgiving this year. May the fun begin! Be sure to visit our Lifestylist website for some great recipes to try this year as hostess gifts or for your own entertaining.


California Dreaming

Another busy week that has landed us in San Diego. Looking forward to three days of learning about the future of housing and taking advantage of meeting many of the decision makers.


A Weakness For Kitchen Gadgets

What??? You don't have a garlic chopper? How do you cook?

We can't pass up a cool kitchen gadget, especially when it's deep discounted. I may only use it once a year but when I need one I have it.

And this Lifestylist is serious about her garlic - this braided bunch came all the way from Canandaigua, NY. Some people get shot glasses when they travel, I get garlic.


Holiday Weekends

How can it possibly be Labor Day all ready? The Summer just started... didn't it? We've been so fortunate to spend a lot of our Summer in beautiful destinations like Chautauqua, The Fingers Lakes, New York City and of course Hideaway Lake. This weekend we had a wonderful photo shoot to work on with Lisa Stewart Photography of Bea's Boozy Pops for Thermador so we are toasting the weekend with an icy treat. Trust me, they are delicious and you'll be able to find the recipes on the Thermador website soon!


My Life as a Trailer Diva

Trailers, or manufactured homes constantly get a bad rap. Gone are the days of tires on the roofs and “tornado magnets” - today’s manufactured homes are actually a preferred form of housing.

After being a homebuilder and designing “traditional housing” for over 20 years I decided that the future had wheels and I wanted to roll along with that trend. After looking for 10 years, I’ve found my destiny – I’m now officially a Trailer Diva.

Why manufactured housing? Try to take any traditionally built home down the road at 65…OK, maybe 55 miles an hour and let me know how far you get. Whether a manufactured home is $20,000 or $2,000,000 they are built to withstand all of the potholes and issues that we have to face every day when we drive down the road.

There is a misconception that manufactured homes are made with “trailer parts” and to fix or replace anything in your home you would have to go to a special store and get special parts. Any home that I have been in is built with the same materials that you would find in any home (if not better) and you can upgrade your faucets or carpet at any home improvement store.

While working with Patriot Homes I’ve been fortunate to be able to visit all of their building centers and get to know quite a few of the people who are responsible for building these homes. They are an amazing group and really take pride in the homes that they build. When’s the last time you saw a happy contractor at a typical construction site? Another bonus with manufactured homes is that you have a workforce who works at the same location every day in a controlled environment and are supervised. Manufactured homes are built to national – not local codes and each home is inspected by a national inspector. Patriot’s northern plants are in areas that have a high concentration of Amish workers – true craftspeople that take great pride in their work.

Designing trailers is a blast! I haven’t met a snob yet and they have all been open to new ideas and trends. The day is coming where trends start in the manufactured housing field and then get picked up by site builders. MSNBC recently had a live poll and asked people if they would buy a manufactured home. Over 85% of the people polled stated that they would live in one if it was well designed.

The next time you are considering buying a new home or thinking about investing in a vacation or retirement home, take a look at what manufactured housing has to offer. I promise you it will be one of the best investments of time you will ever make.