Lighten Up!

The groundhog has warned us that we are going to have six more weeks of winter, so we thought this would be a great time to discuss how lighting and choosing the right bulb can make a huge difference in how light and bright your home feels.

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What's New?

What an amazing year 2016 turned out to be! Our Lifestylist Brands had the opportunity to do so many new things, travel to places we have never been before, and work with companies that we've had a lifetime appreciation for. It's been hard to keep up with sharing these adventures as we are enjoying them, and we made a conscious effort this year to slow down and live in the moment instead of spending all of our time behind the lens trying to capture these special times to share later. Somehow we still ended up with thousands and thousand of images and experiences to share, so our resolution for this year is to try and be better about short posts with captivating images.

Social Media has become a wonderful tool for us, and if you want to see what we are up to "in the moment" be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In this time challenged world, that seems to be the best fit for us.

So what will 2017 hold? We have been on the road coast to coast already this year trend tracking, working with new clients, and doing what's the most important to us - spending more time with family. We are off to a great start - we hope that you will continue to join us on our Lifestylist journey.


The Lifestylist List for 2015 Shares Top 10 Products

2015 was a very good year for home design, and there were a lot of exciting, innovative products that were introduced.

When Candy'sDirt asked us to come up with a Lifestylist List of our Top 10 products for 2015 it wasn't easy but we did it.

We are less than a week away from heading to Las Vegas again for the International Builders Show, Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, Surfaces and the Window Coverings Show and we can't wait to share what we find there!

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The Good Life - Pet Palaces

We've been spending a lot of time at NorthPark Center - they have so many great events going on during the holidays we didn't want to miss anything!

One of the annual events that they host is Home for The Holidays when the American Institute of Architects and TEXO, The Construction Organization team together to design and build pet houses that will benefit the SPCA of Texas.

Would it be possible to get some of these super-sized? We would love to live in them!


Decorating For The Holidays

How can this be? It's still 70 degrees out but the holidays are just around the corner. It seems like every year time goes by so much faster, so we have decided to get a jump on our holiday planning before Thanksgiving this year. May the fun begin! Be sure to visit our Lifestylist website for some great recipes to try this year as hostess gifts or for your own entertaining.


California Dreaming

Another busy week that has landed us in San Diego. Looking forward to three days of learning about the future of housing and taking advantage of meeting many of the decision makers.


A Weakness For Kitchen Gadgets

What??? You don't have a garlic chopper? How do you cook?

We can't pass up a cool kitchen gadget, especially when it's deep discounted. I may only use it once a year but when I need one I have it.

And this Lifestylist is serious about her garlic - this braided bunch came all the way from Canandaigua, NY. Some people get shot glasses when they travel, I get garlic.