Going Virtual: Attending the Virtual Editions of the International Builders Show and the Kitchen and Bath Show

 What a crazy week it has been I have been looking forward to attending the 2021 virtual editions of the International Builders Show and the Kitchen and Bath Show. It was a learning curve for all of us. Just hours into the shows they had a catastrophic server failure and none of the booths that the manufacturers had spent an incredible investment of time and money on were not accessible. 

Both organizations did an amazing job of owning what happened and letting people know. They are even refunding a lot of the fees that people paid for the shows. I have a feeling that the trust and respect they gained by handling this so well will pay off for a long time.

Fortunately, some of the companies were able to do a "workaround" pretty quickly so we could see their new products and a lot of the seminars were able to proceed so lots of great information about trends and technology was shared.  Being a part of the Designhounds and KBTribeChat influencer groups was a huge help as well - we were all sharing sites and information that we were finding so we all could do a better job experiencing and sharing the shows.

With all of that being said, precision and preservation seemed to be two of the biggest trends going forward. Keeping your wine in your pantry or even worse, in your garage in a box is so 2020! There are now great products like the Plum Wine Dispenser or beautiful wine columns like Signature Kitchen Suite offers that have a built-in digital concierge and precision humidity and temperature controls that will preserve your wines perfectly for years to come.  
Winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset of the Boisset Collection makes a selection from the SKS Appliances Wine Preservation Columns and loves seeing his wines showcased in these columns.

Tomorrow they are hoping that both sites will be back open and sharing more seminars and booths that were to be part of the show so stay tuned - hopefully, we will have a lot more to share!

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