I Want My Home to Look Like a Model Home

Nothing makes me happier than when I hear these words from buyers - it means the model home that I merchandised is on target. And when it is a new homeowner saying this it's music to my ears. This model is the one that I showed how we were inspired in the previous post - I think you can see where the colors and design ideas came from.

The new model home at Timber Banks is attracting traffic and buyers. Just yesterday I got an email from the @home Builders Design Center saying that a buyer wanted to replicate the model down to the furnishings and draperies! Fortunately with out new Lifestylist® Designed homes that's possible. We have been working with the Ashley HomeStores and JCPenney to use merchandise in the models that people can buy themselves and make our paint colors available through the builder. Lifestylist® Design Inc. also provide training to the on-site sales team on why we used specific colors and played up a specific lifestyle so they will have lots of great speaking points to share with potential buyers.

If you are preparing to do a new model home or need to update your existing model to increase traffic and sales, contact us at: answers@lifestylist.com

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