All I Want for Christmas is...

Getting to explore the New American Home while we were doing the photography was like being a kid in a candy store - every time I opened up a closet or looked in a drawer I found something else I was lusting for! There are so many things I would love to have in The Home Idea Factory, and this amazing prep sink  by Kohler is high on the list.

The Crevasse prep sink is as beautiful as it is practical. it's long sleek design doesn't take up a lot of counter top space, and it just made prepping vegetables for the shoot fun! This Lifestylist® is a huge believer in farm to table cuisine, so I do a lot of prepping of fresh items. I'm sure if I figured out how much having this prep sink would save me in time and buying processed foods it would be paid for in no time.

With the current interest in larger kitchen islands, this is the perfect functional way to make cooking in The New American Home or your new home  fun.

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