The Underground Railroad Museum

I had an amazing experience this week - when I was detoured off the main roads in Ohio this week, I happened to discover the Underground Railroad Museum. You have to really look to find it in Flushing, Ohio but it is truly one of the most memorable experiences I've had in a long time.

The area had powerful storms come through that had knocked down power lines in a lot of Ohio, and Flushing was in the dark when I arrived. Somehow it seemed appropriate though - I was able to experience the basement of the museum by flashlight and had about as much as the slaves that would have traveled on the railroad would have.

Curator Dr. John Mattox shared with me the history of the museum and some of the special artifacts that are housed in the museum, and I then had the opportunity to observe him sharing our country's history with some younger visitors.

For more information on this gem, take a look at our Lifestylist®TV video, or visit their website at:

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