I’ve forgotten how beautiful silence can be.

I went to my Aunt Julie’s 80th birthday in Cambridge Ohio just as a major storm hit. There were power lines and huge trees down on all of the roads, so just getting there was an adventure, but once I was at the home that I had spent so many magical summers at I kind of liked the fact we didn’t have power. With no distractions from the internet, television and our phones we spent hours just talking and getting to know each other again. It was definitely a weekend none of us will forget.

This has been a crazy week for the Lifestylist Brands. ODL is launching OnHand – an amazing new idea that we consulted on and is ready to be shared. It’s been an honor to give my clients the opportunity to get a first look at this product.

Another one of our clients – SE Homes of Texas asked us to create 5 unique model homes that will showcase everything from basic achievable housing to an amazing lifestyle focused home that will change you mind about what manufactured housing is all about. We spent 5 days in 90 degree + weather in homes without A/C (or power) lifestyling these homes. Truly a labor of love, and a great success story.

After the last towel and picture frame were in place I drove home ready for a busy weekend, and a storm came through and knocked the power out. I thought it would only be a few minutes, but it’s been over three hours now so time to settle in. I didn’t know how much I needed a little down time and silence. The power is out for miles around me so the usual noises we hear aren’t out there. the rush and bustle has slowed to a crawl. The sounds I’m hearing instead of the usual air conditioning, television and fans are my dogs snoring and distant traffic. I dug out some candles I haven’t used for ages and now I’m wondering why I don’t burn them more often – their soft glow and intoxicating fragrance has made this a great evening.

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