Withstanding the Test of Time


Both of my kids live in Florida with their families, so I’m doing some early holiday traveling so I can spend some quality time with them before the big day.

Yesterday was my grandson’s 7th birthday – how is that possible! I had a great time helping out with baking the cake and planning the birthday party. Getting to share my Lifestylist philosophy with family and friends as well as discovering what works and what doesn’t is an education for me, and helps keep me in touch with what the younger generations think are important to them.

When I was busy with my granddaughter baking birthday cakes, I found these two LeCrueset saucepans that had been wedding presents when I got married almost 40 years ago. I realized I really miss cooking with them and there are lots of great memories tied to them. They still are superior to almost everything new that I’ve tried, and I’m thinking about making an investment in a few more for myself.

There are some products and brands that are worth the extra investment every time. After having my new Thermador refrigeration columns I don’t know how I ever settled for anything else! Considering how much I’ve saved on grocery bills already because of how fresh they are keeping my food they are going to pay for themselves in no time. Being able to keep the interior at an exact  temperature is making more of a difference than I realized. Milk, lettuce, cheeses and produce are lasting a lot longer and tasting fresh.

As soon as I get home I’m going to my local Sur la Table and taking advantage of some of the great sales they have on Le Crueset right now. I try and make candy for all of my clients for Christmas, and having a heavy bottomed pan is essential.

Before you invest in an item that you will be using a lot in the years to come, seriously consider making it an investment that your kids might even be able to use in the years to come instead of a short term impulse buy.

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