Foolishly Frugal


I travel a lot for business, and I really try to keep my expenses to a minimum. That includes driving if it’s less expensive, and as long as a hotel is clean and safe I’ll stay there. There are brands that I’m comfortable with, and others that I know better than to stay at. One that has always been great has let me down twice now in two different cities – one had dirty socks left in the corner by a previous guest, and today when I went to check in even though I had a reservation the manager said I could only have the room for one of the two days that I had reserved. Not the best way to start a business trip that I had a lot of responsibilities to my customers for, as well as their high expectations. I knew if I stayed there my mood wasn’t going to get any better.

I decided to cut my losses and went back down and told the manager that the room wasn’t acceptable, and got online and tried to find something else. I found something that was $20 more, but it was closer to where I needed to be, included a hot breakfast, and the room was clean with a fridge, microwave and work space. The picture on the left was the depressing room I passed on, and the room on the right is the La Quinta in Conroe that I was thrilled to find.

Next time I’m paying more attention to the reviews, and if the hotel doesn’t have pictures of the property and actual rooms I’m going to keep looking.

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