How To Travel Beautifully

This Summer the Lifestylist has been on the road, and our last stop was in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Market. There were so many great new trends and products this market it was hard to choose, and for the first time I even visited the Gift section which is mainly products that are sold to retail stores.
People think that just because you can "buy wholesale" you are getting the best deal, but for many products the minimum amount you have to purchase makes it a better buy if you just purchase the products you want from a source like Amazon. With their Amazon Prime program I get free 2 day shipping, a 30 day free trial period and it's in my home without having to deal with traffic, sales people and impulse buys!

I was thrilled to find Field & Flowers Parfum Crema - Paper, Cotton & String Chapter
on Amazon after I discovered it at market -it was featured in the "First Look" seminar, and has also been featured in O Magazine so you know it's special!

What I loved about this is that it is a perfumed creme that you apply on your pulse points and it makes you feel like you are lying in a field of flowers. It's the best aromatherapy solution I've found for traveling, it it lasts for quite awhile. The other bonus if you are traveling with it is that since it's in a cream base you don't have to worry about a perfume bottle breaking in your luggage.

Thanks to Amazon I was able to come home and buy all of the Library of Flowers goodies I fell in love with without placing a huge minimum order -that's something to get excited about!

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