The American Red Cross Sends Out The Wrong Message

We had storms come through this weekend in East Texas, but fortunately it didn't get as bad as they thought. The same storm did hit really hard in Arkansas and Oklahoma though and so far it's estimated that 16 people lost their lives. If you live in this part of the US you know that Spring can be pretty turbulent and the threat of bad storms is always around us.

I was checking my Twitter accounts while the storms were hitting and I was really surprised to see a message that the American Red Cross was tweeting from many of their local chapters:

Why I thought this was a really poor message to send out is because ANY home is a dangerous place to be in a tornado - the best place to take shelter if you find out that a storm is approaching is in a properly designed storm shelter.

When I looked at footage of the homes that were destroyed by these tornados they mostly looked like brick or frame constructed homes as well as some commercial buildings - to date I haven't seen one manufactured home that was damaged in these storms.

When the tornados hit Moore Oklahoma last year nothing was left standing in the path of those tornados - even a hospital and schools were flattened. After visiting that area myself, it is a miracle that more lives weren't lost.

No matter what type of structure you live in, you need to have a plan in place in case you do experience one of these storms. Staying in your home and trying to beat the odds might be one of the last things you do.

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