Behr Paints Makes it Personal at IBS 2011

We just got back from The International Builder's Show where we finally were able to debut The New American Home that we were chosen to be the Lifestylists for. It was a busy, exciting time and now I can finally get back to sharing all of the exciting trends and ideas that were shared at the show.

I've been asked what I thought was the best marketing campaign and presentation by an exhibitor, and I have to say hands down it had to be Behr Paints this year. I received an invitation in the mail before the show to come by their booth and pick up a great gift, and I would also receive a pass to be able to visit their hospitality suite and enjoy free food and beverages during the show. Considering a latte cost me $8.00, taking advantage of their hospitality kept my expenses down, and it was a great area to get a feel of what others thought about the show.

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