Lifestylist Goals for 2012: Re-Gifting

As part of my Lifestylist® Goals for 2012, I finally started letting go of things that should have been tossed or recycled ages ago. One of the items I have a lot of is the soaps and bath products you get in hotels when you travel. With my schedule I'm in all different sizes and shapes of hotels with a vast range of complimentary items included.

Never one to waste something if I don't have to, I always bring my own products when I travel but bring back the ones from the hotels and give them to some of my favorite charities. There are lots of shelters that desperately need these types of items for their short term residents - I know they are always going to be put to good use and worth the trouble of bringing them home and sharing them.

So today was a great day - I gained a few new empty drawers and helped my community in the process!

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