Lifestylist® Goals: Objections vs. Opportunities

Making goals and resolutions with the start of a new year is such a cliche in some ways , but if it makes people want to better themselves I don't see them as a bad thing.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have dinner with the very dynamic Geri Higgins - CEO and President of Portfolio Kitchen and Home in Kansas City. Her beautiful new flagship store is a destination, and she is a wonderful role model for business owners everywhere.

One of the things I love about Geri is her attitude. She is always positive and motivating, and having the chance to share my ideas and dreams with her about my business got me even more excited about the opportunities I have in front of me. Geri never looks at things as problems or comes up with 100 objections as to why something won't work, she sees these as opportunities and actually gets excited about what can be accomplished and comes up with a plan to make things happen.

As a Lifestylist® I deal with a very diverse group of clients - both companies and individuals. When teams or management have objections to every new idea or opportunity no good changes will ever happen. But if they are opening to looking at issues as an opportunity and seeing how they can become a growth area, then you have a company or individual that will succeed and flourish.

So I have a new Lifestylist® goal: instead of looking for excuses and objections as to why I can't find the time to exercise, or get my office organized I'm going to take Geri's lead and tackle things head on. I really did start on my office and unearthed this photo of myself mountain climbing in Tucson. I arrived at the top and sunset and it was spectacular. Climbing straight up a mountain on the end of a rope was one of the most frightening but exciting things I've ever done - I just had to stop thinking about all of the reasons I couldn't do it and get out there and give it a try.


Here's to a new year filled with opportunities!

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